Hello world!

Welcome to this new place, Wounded Not Sick. This is a special place where secrets and fears can be shared, and where being anonymous is encouraged, although certainly not required.

I’ll tell my secret first.

I’ve worked in medical mental health for a lot of years, and I believed that a lot of good happened there. But lately I’m starting to see a lot of less good is happening there, and I am frightened and disillusioned. What I see is that change for the better is not happening from within this broken system, and probably will never happen from within, because the system itself is self-perpetuating, and the honest truth is [insert drumroll] there is no money in curing mental illness. There is, sadly, money to be made diagnosing young people with chronic and persistent mental “illnesses” –  schizoaffective disorders, mood disorders, and personality disorders.

Schizophrenia, bi-polar, borderline personality. Social anxiety. Antisocial tendencies.

Terms and labels that make us think of school shooters and crazy people pushing shopping carts and living under bridges and not functioning.

Let me tell you a secret.

Sometimes medical psychiatry causes people not to function. Sometimes miracle drugs look more like behavior control than good medicine.

Sometimes helping looks more like hurting.

And I lie awake in my bed at night wondering how I can continue to be a part of this.

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. rebornnormal says:

    I don’t know what piece of the field you work in so I don’t know if this will help. If it weren’t for some of the nurses when I was inpatient I wouldn’t be as motivated as I am to get better. One nurse particularly stands out, her heart changed me.


    • Yay! Very much yay. Thank you for this comment. I work locked inpatient. Not a nurse, but unit staff, for over a decade. I have loved my job in so many ways and for so many reasons I could never list them all, and my co-workers, including nurses, are fantastic and caring people, and yes, we make a difference, I know we do, but our system is still very broken. My discontent is due to changes in my job role that prevent me from making the human connection with my patients, from sharing “heart”, leaving me feeling as if I am not supposed to care so much. But I do. I care a lot, seeing people get better is the best.


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